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Ubiq Kids

Genre: Rock Music

Ubiq Kids are young musician  that are part of the program that Ubiquitous Music a Non Profit 501c3 offers to the local community.  Trained by Escondido own Off Track's Guitarist and President of the Ubiquitous Music Sam Roberson.  Kids are range from 9 - 16 years of age.


Radio Active

Genre: Alternative

We put down roots where we met at North County Academy of Music Performance in Vista, CA. Beginning with local venues and street fairs, we have made a steady climb over the last 2 years ripping our way through House of Blues, M15, Chain Reaction and The Glass House. Propelled by several battle of the bands and talent contest wins, the crowds capture shredding guitar riffs, heavy bass lines and heart pounding drums. We have turned hard work, practice and commitment into a stage show that will not be forgotten. We share our long standing love of music with our fans and fellow local bands. Our history is short but our future is long, loud and electrifying. We ...Jam-Eat-Play... EVERYDAY!


Janelle Phillips

Genre: Reggae

Janelle Phillips is a laidback girl with goals of aspiring to be a leader of peace and ambitions. Her music brings the good vibes to your soul as she describes what it is like being a Cali girl. She's influenced by the reggae tunes that flow throughout the world. She enjoys longboarding around town, songwriting, drawing, singing, acting, modeling, and meeting new people. She plays the guitar and the ukulele, and all her music is what you could be listening to as you are headed to the beach.


Saturday's Child

Genre: Alternative Rock

Saturday’s Child have pushed the boundaries of acceptability since day one. With the success of their 2004 release Kill The Cat, (SLK Records) they went on to play countless cities across the West coast building a devoted following of fans. Their latest CD/DVD release Tour de Rauk, a 15-minute documentary with a music video and two new tracks, is a gritty, unabashed account of the band on tour and the antics that follow. With blazing live performances from San Diego to Seattle, they prove that night after noisy night, their music is best ingested live and loud.


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